Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shirt revamp

We are participating in the Homemade Artist's Forum shirt revamp competition, which can be found here.  The project seems simple on the outset - take a shirt, any shirt, and upgrade it.  The shirt must be a previously existing one, and the artist can turn it into anything.

After much thought, we will be turning a red shirt into a parasol.  The process has been entertaining, because there isn't a spare umbrella in the house (It is always raining and windy here, and umbrellas don't do well with lots of wind.)

Here is the list of materials I will be using for this parasol:
1 red shirt
1 ball of multicolored yarn
1 coil of wire (Not certain of the gauge, this was gifted to me from someone who lost the labeling info)
Approximately 2 yards of gold and black woven trim
Square piece of black lace, approximately 16" by 16"

Here is the shirt to be revamped:

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