Friday, April 30, 2010

Mission statement

Of course we want to make money (That is a given in any business), but the mission surrounding that money is always different from person to person.  So here is a breakdown of what we hope to accomplish.

  • We hope to sell sustainable goods made with recycled (And re-recycled) materials at low enough cost that many people can afford them.  For example, as soon as we gain a little capital, our ornament balls will be made with cork rather than styrofoam.  And we will continue the search for even better materials.
  •  We hope to have low to no impact on the environment, and also hope to help reverse the impact others have had.
  • We want to provide a home for awesome LGBT products that are actually useful and good looking.  Rainbows are great, but to make them go with everything requires more than just slapping them everywhere.
  •  We want to send our products out on time and without gouging you for shipping costs.

Now, what will we do with our money?  Certainly not go on fabulous trips to the Bahamas!  We are just average people living on a well below average income (I'll disclose for myself:  $8,000 a year is what I generally make, but unemployment will make that less this year.)  So all our costs will go into the basics for ourselves and new materials.  If we manage to make extra, we look forward to giving to different charities.  Here are a few that we favor (This list will be expanded when I can remember all the different things we like):

  • Heifer international
  • Lambert house
If you have a charity that you love and want us to know about, please bring it to our attention.

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