Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to Angelowe and Dalavaccio

We want to talk to you.  No seriously.  We want to say hello and see how you're doing.  You see, we're new in town, and we don't quite know everyone yet.

Who is we?  Angelowe and Dalavaccio is a new 'company' that has just begun to build itself.  'Company' in this case means two twenty-somethings that want to make a difference, both for the world and for our pocket books.

But the better question is what is this?  As in this blog.  This blog is going to be a collection of chatting about all sorts of ideas for greenery and happy, healthy living.  You see, we are positively obsessed with realistic healthy living.  From our lived experience, we can offer you tips on how to live green, organic and healthy while on the strictest of budgets.  And I do mean strict - if you make no money at all, we hope you'll take all that can from this blog.

Thanks for viewing, gentle reader.  We'll see more of you soon.

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