Friday, April 30, 2010

What do we sell?

Before we get our website up and running, I want to let you know a little about the business we intend to run.  What can you buy from us, you wonder?

Angelowe and Dalavaccio is made up of two people who happen to love crafting.  Angelowe is an avid quilter, clothier, and all around maker of cool things, while I tend toward wood, metal, and other items.  Both of us enjoy costuming.  So you will be able to find things of that nature here in the future.  We must start small, however, so the products which we currently intend to offer are as follows.

1.  Quilted ornament balls:  If you were wondering what the nifty little design at the top of the blog is, now you know.  We make them with fabric of many different designs, and not normally all plain colored.  Additionally, they have trim on the sides, and can be hung (Hence they are ornaments.)  We think they are nifty and plan to make a bunch.

2.  Hot rice bags and sachets:  Rice is a great conducter of heat.  When it is enclosed in cotton, it can be heated in the microwave (For a short amount of time so that it does not burn.) and then brought somewhere else in the house for keeping warm.

Rice bags are useful for those who are trying not to turn the heat on very much in the winter, for applying to sore muscles, and for the unfortunate cramping of 'that time of the month.'  As I write this, I have a hot rice bag laying against my feet.

Satchets are smaller rice bags that can be heated and used in a variety of ways.  If you have two of them, you can put one or more against your palm in a pair of gloves to help when walking around in the cold outdoors.   If they have herbs inside, such as lavender, then they can be put near the head to provide soothing aromatherapy while you sleep.

3.  Utensil packs: I made a gift offhandedly for a friend a few years ago.  She was an artist and needed a place to put the art supplies she liked to take on the go.  The points of her utensils were kept away from one another, and the whole thing tied up neatly with a ribbon.  It lasted her for at least two years of daily use.  I will be remaking this item, this time with a longer lasting cord to tie it shut.

4.  Handmade safety and sewing pins.  Why would anyone want a handmade pin rather than a storebought one that is cheaper?  Because handmade is better quality, and more decorative.  If you are a member of a historical re-enactment group, these can be great allies for costume malfunctions without looking terribly out of place.

There are other items we would like to introduce in the future, such as custom costumes, woodburned and glass etched decorations, handmade sewing needles, and other random things.  Once we have the capital and the space to make them, we will be able to offer these.  Soon there will also be pictures of the finished products we have to offer for you to view, in addition to more artwork like that which rests above this blog.

Thanks very much for reading,
 A & D

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