Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to stretch your protein

We eat a mediterenean-style diet here.  We find it is a good way to have a well balance diet and to be vegetarian/pesceterean.*  A simple way to manage a limited diet and not get bored is to divide your days by what protein you will consume.  If you are like me, you are likely to grab the same thing every day until it runs out, and then wish there was more of this one thing.  That can lead to other food sources being spoiled and a lack of nutrients.

The week is split up between the protein and days in which we make meals (the two of us alternate.)  Most of the week we only eat breakfast together, but on the weekends we have dinners together as well, and then we throw together a lunch.

Here is our basic schedule:

Monday - Breakfast: A, Fish
Tuesday - Breakfast: D, Eggs
Wednesday - Breakfast: A, Fish
Thursday - Breakfast: D, Cheese
Friday - Breakfast: A; Dinner: D; Eggs
Saturday - Breakfast: D; Dinner: A; Fish
Sunday - Breakfast: A; Dinner: D; Cheese

We don't always eat the protein the schedule says.  And of course we have left off things like beans and tofu, so we are able to have those whenever we want.  Making food this way has really helped us stave off boredom, explore new recipes and also save a lot of money on food.

*I realize there is a big fight over who can rightly be called vegetarian and that fish-eaters aren't technically vegetarian.  However, the word for people who just eat fish is not very common, and we are also still working on getting off the fish.

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