Monday, May 3, 2010

Miso noodle soup

I've caught a random sore throat today, which of course is what we call 'unhappy-making.'  However, this did give me a chance to test out the bag of miso soup paste that we received awhile back.  (The brand we have is Shiro Miso Paste, which can be found online here.)

If you have never had miso soup, I will first tell you that you are missing out.  And secondly I will tell you that using the paste by itself doesn't make the same sort of miso you'll receive at restaurants.  For that you need a few more ingredients, like a fish broth named dashi stock.  I, however, don't have dashi stock and don't care to go buy any.  So I just mix up the paste with a bit of water, heat it up, and call it good.

Today I decided to try making some miso like chicken noodle soup.  We were out of tofu and fish, so I didn't bother adding any protein.  The results were delicious.  The spaghetti noodles tasted more like those big flat dumpling noodles, and they weren't mushy.  The noodles were boiled in the miso itself, which saved a few dishes from needing a wash.

So, the results healthwise?  - Wonderful.  This is like drinking tea, only with more substance.  The miso has that meaty (umame) taste and the protein to make it very fulfilling to imbibe.  The noodles make it thicker.  If you have become a vegetarian or vegan and miss chicken noodle soup, I highly recommend this stuff.

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